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ChatGPT wrote the text of a motion presented by an American lawmaker

ChatGPT wrote the text of a motion presented by an American lawmaker.


US politician spoke to Congress for the first time by delivering a speech written by ChatGPT, the popular Open AI chatbot.


Jake Auchincloss – Massachusetts State Representative – thus became the first member of Congress to deliver a speech written by an AI. The theme of the intervention? Adherence to a proposal to strengthen relations between the USA and Israel in the field of research on artificial intelligence. In short, the choice to use a bot was definitely pertinent.

The speech written by ChatGPT, however, is not particularly charismatic. “It’s as boring as one would expect from a politician’s speech with the aggravating circumstance of having been filtered by an artificial intelligence system,” summarizes the well-known website The Verge.

Some US media also obtained the exact input formulated by the congressman to generate the speech: «Write 100 words to be spoken in the floor of the House of Representatives. Topic: The Importance of the United States-Israel Artificial Intelligence Center Act».


The result is roughly the following:

Madam Speaker, I am here today because I intend to support the reintroduction of the United States-Israel Artificial Intelligence Center Act , a bipartisan proposal that will establish a mutually beneficial partnership between the United States and Israel in artificial intelligence research. This is a critical step in an era where artificial intelligence and its implications are at the center of public debate. We must work with international partners such as the Israeli government to ensure that the United States maintains a leadership role in AI research and development and responsibly explores the many possibilities offered by technologies currently evolving. The United States-Israel Artificial Intelligence Center Act will allow us to leverage the experience of both countries and draw on each other’s resources to explore and develop advances in AI

Going back to The Verge’s comment: «the words are right and in the right place, but it lacks any spirit of creativity». Judge for yourself whether it is a step forward or backward compared to the normal ars oratory that reigns in the halls of Western parliaments.



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