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ChatGPT will end up stealing my job: the testimony of a journalist, 570€ with an article written by the bot

ChatGPT will end up stealing my job: the testimony of a journalist, 570€ with an article written by the bot.


We had been repeating this to each other for years, deluding ourselves that the “major replacement (by bots, of course) would, however, have been something of a very distant future. “One-day articles will be written by artificial intelligence .” But yes, we talk about it in 2070, just in time to set aside the INPGI contributions (which in the meantime had time to fail) and retire.


But that day is already here, as evidenced by the experiment of a freelance journalist who told his story to The Guardian. The protagonist of the story is called Henry Williams , an English journalist who commissioned an article from ChatGPT which he then proposed to his editor.

In just 30 seconds, Open AI’s artificial intelligence churned out a complete text, with impeccable syntax (but perhaps a little inhuman semantics). The editing work, although necessary, was minimal: «in about ten minutes I corrected any typos and reformulated some passages to make them more fluid», explains the freelancer.

The article was ready for submission to the publisher. The fee? £500 . Around €567. An article that perhaps does not lend itself to being nominated for a literary prize, but which is virtually indistinguishable from the many contents written with an impersonal style that crowd sites all over the world.


“I have no doubt that artificial intelligences will end up stealing my job and that it will happen very soon,” Williams told the Guardian.

According to Williams, tomorrow the contents will be written instantly by artificial intelligences such as ChatGPT and will then only be retouched by flesh-and-blood editors, who will ensure the quality and truthfulness of the text. Cnet, a well-known American site that deals with technology, has already started using AI for some time to write the vast majority of articles in the finance section (mostly composed of things like “how to apply for a new credit card”). . Williams’ forecast, therefore, is correct but errs in optimism. It’s already happening.


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