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ChatGPT Plus will cost $20 a month, that’s what the paid version of the chatbot offers

ChatGPT Plus will cost $20 a month, that’s what the paid version of the chatbot offers.


After the rumors that have emerged in recent days, and circulated above all on Reddit, we are finally here for real: OpenAI has announced a paid version of its ChatGPT chatbot. The service offers priority access to artificial intelligence, which should ensure faster response processing times, as well as the guarantee of always being able to access the platform, even when demand is very high.


If you’ve read our rumors of the past few days, we have good news: unlike what was circulating on Reddit, ChatGPT Plus will not cost $40 a month, but a little less. OpenAI has set the price at $20/month. Judge for yourself if it makes sense or if it is excessive. Depending on how you use it, it could certainly have a reason for many professionals and workers who have found a valid ally in the chatbot. Just think of those who deal with copy writing or deal with very repetitive jobs, such as filling out e-commerce product sheets.

Initially, the paid version of ChatGPT will be available exclusively in the United States and you will only be able to subscribe by invitation (probably in the form of pop-up ads). Open AI has promised that the basic version of the chatbot will continue to remain free for everyone. So, if you don’t intend to pay, you still have nothing to fear.

In addition to priority access and the guarantee of always being able to use the service, even when there are many users connected simultaneously, in the future ChatGPT Plus will also offer preview access to all the new functions that will gradually be integrated into the chatbot .



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