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ChatGPT is good for Bing: accesses tripled even before integration

ChatGPT is good for Bing: accesses tripled even before integration.


This week, Microsoft announced the imminent introduction of some ChatGPT-based features within Bing , its search engine. Soon Bing will hybridize the typical functions of a search engine with those of a chatbot.


The AI ​​used by Microsoft is called Prometheus and is based on GPT 3.5, a customized and faster version of the technology used by the public version of the OpenAI chatbot. Among many things, it will be possible to ask the Bing chatbot to create an itinerary for us for a holiday, as well as a summary of some current issues, the life of historical figures and so on.

Bing at the moment has limited itself to announcing the arrival of these functions, which however have not yet been made available to the public. It matters little, because the enthusiasm for AI has captured the hearts of the American public nonetheless.

The Microsoft search engine has rapidly tripled its accesses , while in the USA, on the iOS App Store , both the Bing and Edge apps have appeared for the first time in the ranking of the most downloaded applications (which has not yet verified in Italy).


Google has already responded to the news announced by Microsoft by presenting Bard, an AI that will soon appear on its search engine. Too bad that a sensational mistake made by its chatbot has caused enormous damage: because of a GIF, Google has lost over 100 billion dollars on the stock market.


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