Cell signal handed over to protesters in China

In China, which has implemented strict measures against the coronavirus due to its ‘zero case’ policy, the reaction of the people, overwhelmed by the pressure, continues.

While protests criticizing the administration continued in many cities of the country, the Beijing administration digitally followed the participants in the protests that started against the Coronavirus Measures And Took On A Tone Targeting The Administration. Even though people were trying to dodge the police by wearing masks, and changing their clothes, the police began to search and knock on the doors of those who were found to be in the demonstration areas digitally.


Speaking to American CNN, a protester stated that he was called for questioning by the police because his cell phone signals were in the Protest Area. It was stated that the police first asked, “Were you near the Liangma River on Sunday evening?”, and when he got the answer “No”, he asked, “Why do your phone signals show that way?” On the other hand , it is stated that China has eased the measures in the capital Beijing and Shenzhen, despite the increasing corona cases.


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