Cats: staying indoors is good for their health


If you don’t live on a high floor of a building, you doubt whether it’s right for your cat to roam freely in outdoor environments. Is it right that I do? Maybe better to keep him indoors to prevent him from getting into trouble? Opinions differ, but a recent study states that it is better to keep the cat indoors. It’s for the good of other animals and especially the feline itself. 


The study was conducted in Washington DC and the rules that came out may not necessarily apply to Italian cats as well. The search has been going on for three years with the use of camera traps located in inhabited areas and wild areas. Cats and eight other local mammal species were monitored. 

A free-roaming cat has a 61% chance of meeting a raccoon or a red fox, 56% of meeting a possum. In short, cats that are not kept under lock and key mix with wild mammals . There is the danger of transmission of rabies by foxes and opossums, there are health risks for the cat. 

Washington cats keep rats away, but they love to hunt other smaller mammals that are important to the ecosystem. Cats are not uniform across Washington territory, but their occurrence is related to humans . The latter has the responsibility of carrying it around and making it interact negatively with wildlife. So keeping the cat at home would be a valid solution in general and an advantage for the animal itself. 

  • Scientists’ advice: keep cats indoors (for their own good) (


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