Cats and dogs: real stress relievers

Cats and dogs: real stress relievers.


Animals help us feel less alone and happier and decrease depressionanxiety, and stress. The presence of our four-legged friends makes us want to spend more time outdoors. Taking care of a cat or dog and having an intense bond with our animal helps us reduce stress levels. Yes, because we are busy with the task of looking after them. 


Those who regularly play with the dog, let it into the house, and take it with them every time have very low levels of stress. Our pet is someone who makes us feel important, who loves us, relaxes us making us feel happier. Let’s find out better, however, what affects us negatively. It is not the amount of stress, but how through a cognitive evaluation, the characteristics of the potentially stressful event can be examined. Among these is the relationship with the animal. 

However, if we are unable to have a dog or a cat at home, we try to establish a relationship with an animal that is satisfactory. Maybe even go to shelters that house dogs and cats to visit them. A few minutes of interaction with them are enough to relax and be reborn. Let’s not consider them a drug to be taken when needed, they are instead a fundamental presence for man’s psychological well -being

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