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Carl Pei reviews the OnePlus 11, the latest smartphone from his former company

Carl Pei reviews the OnePlus 11, the latest smartphone from his former company.


Carl Pei was the co-founder of OnePlus but has now started his own company called Nothing. Previously, Carl had entered the world of smartphone reviews by looking into the latest iPhone. Now he’s back with a very interesting review of his former company’s latest phone: the OnePlus 11.


In the 12-minute review video, Carl evaluates the phone’s hardware and software, complementing the design a lot but criticizing some glaring shortcomings, especially in the software part. Carl says the phone is great overall but has “no real identity” .

Cal Pei also accused his former company of no longer having a clear and defined design strategy in all its products. In short, one of the strengths that Pei instead attributes to Apple and which, as is known, is trying to replicate with the Nothing products (not surprisingly, all with shells in semi-transparent materials, with some of the components in sight) .

Carl’s review is interesting as it comes from someone who played an important role in the early years of the company. The judgment is all in all positive and certainly more lenient than those given in the past to some phones produced by other competitors. For example, of the GalaxyS23 Pei had limited himself to saying that it was boring and virtually indistinguishable from the previous model.



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