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Carl Pei makes fun of Samsung: the Galaxy S23 Ultra? Boring and same as the old model

Does Carl Pei make fun of Samsung: the Galaxy S23 Ultra? Boring and the same as the old model.


Yesterday Samsung presented its new Samsung Galaxy S23, some of the first smartphones to mount the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC ( in a customized guise specifically for Samsung).


Carl Pei, former co-founder of OnePlus and now at the helm of Nothing, took the opportunity to punch the Korean giant. Initially, he limited himself to publishing an innocent poll aimed at the public of users who follow him on Twitter. “What do you think of the innovations presented by Samsung?”.

Two options: “Exciting” or “Boring”. The survey quickly amassed thousands of responses, providing an interesting litmus test of consumer sentiment towards the new Galaxy S23. 55.9% of users said they thought the new smartphones boring, while the remaining 44.1% promoted them. In reality, this is not even a particularly humiliating result: consumer interest in new generation smartphones is at an all-time low, and the idea that the innovations between one generation of a phone and the next are often insufficient has become a catchphrase increasingly cited, even under the pages of our articles.

The fact that 44.1% of a very specific audience, made up mostly of technology enthusiasts, has promoted Samsung ‘s new smartphones , all in all, is not a negligible result.


The fact is that Carl Pei has decided to make matters worse by posting an irreverent meme below his survey: a man opens a gift package, only to discover that the shirt they gave him is the same as the one he’s already wearing. In short, the Samsung S23 Ultra would be the same as last year’s S22 Ultra.

Indeed, the two smartphones have a practically identical design. On the other hand, Samsung has done an extremely important job on the photographic sector and the new rubber top is equipped with a customized version of the S8G2 that has been unlocked for maximum performance.


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