Cargo ship sank off Japan: 13 rescued, 9 missing

As a result of the sinking of a cargo ship with a crew of 22 off the coast of Nagasaki province, Japan, 13 people were rescued, while the search for 9 people continues.

Hong Kong-flagged Jintian, a 6,551-ton cargo ship sailing off the coast of Nagasaki province of Japan, called for help due to a severe storm at around 23:15 local time.


According to the information obtained from the Japan Coast Guard Force, the ship with a total of 22 crew, including 14 Chinese and 8 Myanmar crew, sank shortly after taking water.

It was reported that 13 of the crew who managed to abandon the ship were rescued, while the search for 9 people continues.

It Was Announced That The Japanese Coast Guard Forces supported the search and rescue efforts by sending 2 patrol ships to the region at around 11.30, while the Japan Self-Defense Forces participated in the work with a ship.


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