Cane corso: the peculiarities

Cane corso: the peculiarities.


The Cane Corso is a breed related to the Neapolitan mastiff, handsome in appearance, calm if well trained, and with almost feline agility. The name has nothing to do with its geographical origins, it is a very Italian breed. Its function is that of a guard dog. Its body is stocky, it has a short and square muzzle, it is large in size. The dog has a strong and tenacious character but knows how to be really sweet and affectionate with its owner


It can weigh up to 50 kg and reach up to 68 cm in height. The color is gray with various shades, but the tints of its coat can change. The Corsican dog is very intelligent and sensitive, he is also a friend of children, because he is alert and reactive. Being a guard dog, he is also born wary of strangers and other dogs. This breed tends to gain weight easily, so be careful with your diet !

If he is trained aggressively then he can be dangerous , like all dogs for that matter. Educating him means starting to do it when he is a puppy with precise rules during training . No punishments, if anything the positive reinforcement technique is useful . The cost of the pure breed is really high, so you can opt for the adoption of crossings. Even dogs like the course are abandoned, to adopt them there are many Facebook groups of Rescue Centers related to purebred or crossbreed dogs.


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