California: Demolish four dams to protect Native Americans


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission , the US federal agency that regulates the transmission and wholesaling of electricity and natural gas in trade between US member states, as well as the transport of oil via pipelines, has announced that it will tear down four dams in California to protect Native Americans .


The structures are part of the Lower Klamath Project and are essential for the operation of hydroelectric plants as they regulate the flow of watercourses allowing the production of renewable energy . Dams make it possible to accumulate hydrostatic potential energy, directing the water towards turbines that produce electricity .

The reason for the dismantling falls within the concept of just and sustainable transition as well as respectful of human rights . This is because the energy transition often passes through the choice of governments to create renewable energy production chains that do not always respect local communities .

Native American communities are mostly dependent on fishing. The Klamath River is essential to their health and culture and its diversion has favored poor conditions which have led to fish kills over time . This depends on the nature of some fish species and the temperature of the water courses.


The decommissioning will also prevent stagnant ponds from raising water temperatures in the summer and help alleviate poor habitat conditions that contribute to fish diseases below dams. Klamath Dams trap nutrient-rich waters in shallow reservoirs. The result is a massive bloom of toxic blue-green algae that poses a threat to wildlife and human health.


Klamath River Renewal Experts

  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission wants to tear down four dams in California to protect Native Americans


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