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BuzzFeed will use ChatGPT to write its articles and quizzes: the publisher flies to Wall Street (+119%)

BuzzFeed will use ChatGPT to write its articles and quizzes: the publisher flies to Wall Street (+119%).


BuzzFeed has announced that it wants to use OpenAI technology, the company that created ChatGPT, to improve its quizzes and personalize some editorial content. BuzzFeed thus becomes the largest American publisher to have announced its intention to implement artificial intelligence within the editorial staff of its sites.


It is not, however, the first publisher ever. As emerged this week, CNET, a popular US technology site, has also started generating some finance articles using a tool similar to ChatGPT for some time now.

In a note sent to employees Thursday morning, which was seen by the Wall Street Journal, BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti said he wants AI to play an increasingly important role in the company’s publishing operations. The changes will be implemented as early as 2023.

Peretti explained that AI will be used to make BuzzFeed content more interactive, citing the example of quizzes. “Imagine a quiz that asks the user to create the plot of a romantic movie,” writes the CEO. “One of the questions might ask the user to describe one of their cutest flaws, and based on the answers, the tool would provide each user with a different movie synopsis, customized to the reader’s personality.”


The news sent BuzzFeed’s stock soaring as the value of the shares increased by 119%

Peretti expects AI to assist the creative process of editors and improve the company’s content. In the very near future, BuzzFeed staff may just be “providing ideas, exchanging cultural currency,” and then feeding AI-powered tools “inspired prompts.” The news is bound to create more than a little anxiety within the editorial staff: as of December last year, BuzzFeed had already fired over 180 journalists. In April, the publisher had reduced the activity of BuzzFeed News to the bone, i.e. the publication that dealt with more journalistic content and investigative reports. The reaction of the Stock Exchange was less cold, which on the contrary rewarded BuzzFeed by more than doubling (+118%) the value of its shares.


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