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Buying a Tesla in Italy has become much cheaper

Buying a Tesla in Italy has become much cheaper.


Surprisingly, Tesla has lowered the list price of practically the entire range of its vehicles sold in Italy. As the company itself explained, these are the first benefits of having a Giga factory a stone’s throw from home, in nearby Germany.

Tesla’s first European factory, now with increasingly important production regimes, has made it possible to optimize costs and save considerably, also in terms of import charges.

As of January 13, 2023, the prices of many of Tesla’s vehicles have decreased. In some cases there is talk of a saving of over 12,000 on the previous price list. For example, buying a Tesla Model 3 RWD in Italy now costs less than 45,000 euros.

Our focus on continuous product improvement through original design and manufacturing processes has further enhanced our ability to produce the best product at an industry-leading cost. Coming off what was a turbulent year due to supply chain disruptions, we have seen a normalization of some cost inflation; this now allows us, with confidence, to pass on this reduction in costs to our customers as well


reads a note sent by Tesla to the Italian press. Musk’s carmaker thus becomes one of the few – if not the only – manufacturers to have chosen to lower prices in an unfavorable macroeconomic context characterized by high inflation.


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