Bullying and Cyberbullying: phenomena that cost


Prof. Aldo Grauso, project coordinator and professor of psychology, was joined by eminent experts in various sectors, but the health sector was absent. Well, it is true that the phenomena of Cyberbullying and Bullying have an important impact on the news, but they also do so on an economic level. 3% of the budget is reserved for juvenile and community justice, but there are also costs of different sectors to support. The social cost is the main one, but others of a health nature arise 


The discomforts brought by bullying such as mood and anxiety disorders, suicidal instincts, attention deficit, PDO, alcohol and drugs must also be taken into account. Hence, therefore, psychological treatments for this type of ailment weigh not only on structures of a certain type, but also on health structures. In relation to the treatment of the resulting pathologies. 

If the mental health of the pupils is assigned to the school, in case of failure, public health will take care of it. For this reason, even for cyberbullying, the law required the involvement of the healthcare world. One way to carry out constant preventive surveillance to counter the phenomenon, rather than acting afterwards. Always better to be safe than sorry! 

  • Bullying and Cyberbullying a deal not only in the news (


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