BT Group: state funding for the drone project consortium


BT Group said the consortium develops projects related to the deployment of drone technologies in the field of infrastructure. Furthermore, the consortium is part of an internal program of the UK Research Institute (UKRI). The consortium includes several industrial and technological companies with the operator leading the project.

The initiative will be useful in consolidating the country’s drone economy also in the field of maritime operations. For example the uses in ports and highways to maximize safety and supervise maritime operations. Other use cases will be the implementation of artificial intelligence and data analysis for an integration between images, operating systems and information useful for identifying dangers.

BT wants to make the project a vehicle for an important goal. That is, the transfer of data in real time allowing this to be a major resource for the end user. The deployment sector of drones and artificial intelligence advances cost-effective and sustainable strategies in infrastructure management compared to conventional diesel vehicles.

Lead role in demonstrating the positive impact drones can have on the economy, in particular by helping businesses become more efficient and supporting the path to net zero.

John Davies, BT’s lead researcher

  • BT gets state funding for drone project consortium (


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