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Browsing on Google will become a little more comfortable: this is how the search engine changes


Navigating the Google search engine will become a little easier. The web giant has updated the interface of its service, making it decidedly more modern. Goodbye to compulsive zapping through thousands of pages: search results will be shown on a single page, which will be automatically updated with new items as the user scrolls down.


It’s not exactly infinite scrolling, like that of social networks: Google has limited itself to summarizing the contents of six pages in a single screen. Once all the links have been shown, the user will be able to see further results by clicking on the appropriate ‘see more’ command.

Initially, the new interface will only be available to users residing in the US who have set their account language to English. Subsequently Google will extend the novelty to all users. The global rollout of the new interface shouldn’t take long. A matter of a few weeks, probably.

For owners of smaller sites this is no small change, since finishing on the second or third page should no longer completely kill traffic to a specific page. For users, the user experience of the search engine should be decidedly more comfortable and modern than it is now.



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