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Box Office: ‘Halloween Ends’ had the worst start of the trilogy

Horror “Halloween ends” became the leader of the film distribution last weekend. The tape started worse than the previous two films, and grossed $41.2 million in the US (and another $17.2 million internationally). By comparison, 2018’s Halloween earned $76.25 million in the US over its debut weekend, while the sequel made $49.4 million.


However, the budget of the last “Halloween” was only $ 20 million, so it has already paid off.

The leader of the previous weeks – the horror “Smile” – continues to collect impressive sums for the genre. Over the weekend, the film earned $12.4 million in the US and $16.3 million worldwide. In just three weeks, the tape with a budget of $17 million added $137.5 million to the piggy bank.

Chinese historical drama “Homecoming” earned another $12 million, bringing the box office to $183 million. European countries did not even begin to show it.

Collections of other films:

  • The musical comedy “Crocodile Lyle” earned $7.4 million at the US box office and brought the box office to $26.6 million

  • The historical blockbuster “The King Woman” with Viola Davis and John Boyega earned another $3.7 million in the US. The total box office reached $76.5 million, which is not enough for a film with a budget of $50 million

  • Comedy detective “Amsterdam” with Christian Bale and Margot Robbie raised $2.9 million in the US. An $80 million film has only $18.5 million in its piggy bank.

  • Florence Pugh and Chris Pine’s ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Raised $2.2 Million, Raising the Box Office to $78.2 Million

  • Horror “The Barbarian” earned $1.4 million, bringing the box office to $40.6 million. For a film with a budget of $4 million, this is an excellent result.

  • Gay, pro-gay and gay comedy Bros grossed $920,000 in the US and raised it to $10.8 million. The film is not shown in other countries

  • Unsinkable “Top Gun: Maverick” with Tom Cruise brought the studio another $ 685 thousand, having already reached $ 1.482 billion

In Russia and Belarus, films from Western companies practically do not come out.


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