Bosco Moranzani: 5,300 trees of 17 different species


An accessible forest is born in Bosco Moranzani, in Mira (Venice). It has 5,300 trees and is conceived by the Volksbank project together with the Emma foundation and Etifor.


We want to create a forest of 5,300 new trees with native shrubs and 17 different species in an area of ​​50,000 square meters in the municipal area of ​​Mira. This project will facilitate the achievement of one of the main objectives that this institute has set itself, namely carbon neutrality. In 10 years, this new green area will capture 660 tons of CO2 emissions.

general manager of Volksbank Alberto Naef

The installation of the trees will end in the spring of 2023 respecting the rhythms of nature. The first 100 of the 5,000 trees adopted by Volksbank have been planted. In addition there are 250 dedicated to the public. The forest will also be accessible to disabled people of different types. Inside there will be a pedestrian path with benches for rest areas equipped with ad hoc signage and tactile paths such as Braille.


Disability should not be considered an illness, but a condition that unfortunately exists due to society’s inability to cope with specific needs. If the environment is hostile and inaccessible, then the more disabled a person is. Everyone must enjoy nature , that is the purpose of the accessible forest. The first forest in Italy that was born right from the design to break down any barrier.

  • Bosco Moranzani, in Mira 5,300 trees of 17 species for an accessible forest (


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