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Bosch shuts down Azena, the app store for AI-powered cameras

Azena will focus solely on supporting Bosch’s projects by ending the services it offers to users. 

First known as SAST (Security and Safety Things) in 2018, Bosch’s software initiative for artificial intelligence-supported cameras published its first application in 2020 and took the name Azena . Azena will focus solely on supporting Bosch’s projects by ending the services it offers to users. 


According to Azena’s statement, all platform components of Azena will continue to operate for the time being. The company states that they are working on a transition plan to end the service. Within the scope of the said transition, maintenance and support services for products using Azena software will also be evaluated. 

According to the information on Azena’s site, the platform has 100 applications that support 6 camera manufacturers. It works with more than 230 integrator companies. The lack of moderation of the app store , which came to the fore in February, may also have played a role in  Azena’s closure .

For this reason, Azena left the responsibility for the ethics and legality of the applications in the application store to the developers and users, and was severely criticized for this reason. Within the scope of these criticisms, it has been claimed that some of the applications in Azena have the features of detecting weapons and analyzing human behavior. 

With this issue on the agenda, Azena explained that she could not confirm for what purpose the platform-supported cameras were used. However, the company stressed that developers working on the platform must make a commitment to comply with ethical business standards set by the United Nations. 

It is not known exactly how much these criticisms and the lack of moderation played a role in the decision to close. With all these developments, it is possible to say that Bosch could not find what it expected in the market, especially Azena. 



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