Bonus 2023: here are those chosen by the government


The Meloni government through the budget law has established discounts and incentives for 2023. Bonus bills, for shopping and furniture, but also Superbonus for construction, the psychologist and the spending card. Maneuver dedicated to reducing costs for bills, given the expensive energy. Let’s see what bonuses are provided and what are the criteria for obtaining them. As many as 21 of the total 35 billion euros of the maneuver concern the reduction of bill costs 


The bonuses provided by Draghi continue: the electricity and gas social bonus sees a further extension of the Isee threshold to 15 thousand euros for 2023. For families with at least four dependent children, the threshold reaches up to 20 thousand euros. Those who will benefit will also be the recipients of income or citizenship pension, as well as families with people suffering from physical discomfort. In other cases there is an automatic discount with the presentation of a single self-declaration and the ISEE 2023 certificate.

The 500 euro culture bonus for those who turn 18 in 2023 is confirmed. It relates to the purchase of books, cinema tickets, concerts, theater or dance performances, cultural events. From 2024 this bonus will split into two: one on income and one on merit, without being cumulative. The “Youth Culture Charter” has also been recognized for residents of the national territory. Those who are part of households with Isee up to 35 thousand euros. In addition, the “Card of Merit” will be awarded to those who have graduated with a hundred in the final exams. The psychologist bonus , already introduced previously, now goes from 600 to 1,500 euros. For 2023 the funds allocated are 5 million euros and will increase to 8 million euros from 2024. The Isee roof is confirmed at 50 thousand euros. The psychologist bonus is applicable up to a threshold of 50 euros per session.

The furniture bonus has also been confirmed : the 50% Irpef deduction remains for the purchase of furniture and large appliances for home renovations. A cut in the spending limit in 2023 drops from 10,000 to 8,000 euros. The Superbonus 110% for energy efficiency works in buildings will drop to 90%, but not for everyone. 50% VAT deduction on the purchase consideration for those who buy green homes for residential use directly from construction companies by 31 December. 


The maneuver provides for a “spending savings card” managed by the Municipalities for families with low incomes (up to 15 thousand euros). An experimental fund dedicated to food income is also planned in 2023 . The funds are: 1.5 million in 2023 and 2 million in 2024. The purpose is aimed at people in conditions of absolute poverty.



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