Bonsai: growing it is easy


The art of bonsai consists of growing small trees in pots for long periods. Here’s how to learn the secrets, the basic knowledge to make it grow healthy and luxuriant. The art of bonsai was born in China and then perfected in Japan. Even if it is a miniature tree, it has all the energy of a large plant.


To cultivate it, spring is ideal , it is always better to buy the plant in a nursery to avoid failures. Better to buy two or three inexpensive seedlings to experiment with cultivation and see their growth capacity in a year. Here are the easiest types to grow :

  • the Chinese elm that tolerates regular pruning well and thrives indoors and out
  • the white hornbeam that resembles a beech, loves direct light and mild climates

The survival of the plant depends on the right amount of water and humidity, when it is almost dry water the soil. Avoid stagnant water , the nurseryman will be able to advise you on the right soil with the use of fertilizers or natural manures suitable for the development of the plant. In spring, summer and early autumn the bonsai must live outdoors, while in winter the strongest plants can remain in the cold, protected from frost. 

When pruning , avoid pruning the more tender branches, remove dry leaves and older branches. Younger plants will need multiple pots, while older ones can stay in the same pot. Here, with these first tips, you can feel ready to experiment with bonsai cultivation!

  • The easy guide to growing bonsai (


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