Bomb attack on police housing in Thailand: 1 dead, 29 injured

One policeman lost his life and 29 people were injured as a result of the explosion of a bomb-laden vehicle left in an open parking lot in front of a police lodging in Narathiwat province of Thailand.

A Bomb Attack Was Carried Out On A Police lodge in the province of Narathiwat in the south of Thailand . As a result of the explosion of the bomb placed in the car parked in the open parking lot in front of the lodging buildings of the Mueang Narathiwat Police Station, 1 police officer died and 29 people, including seriously injured, were transferred to the hospital. After the explosion, which was thought to be a terrorist attack, the fire brigade came to the scene and took the fire under control in about half an hour.


In case of a second explosion after the attack, the area around the police residence was closed to civilian traffic. While the investigation into the explosion was ongoing, it was revealed in the first investigations that a suspicious person dressed as a policeman left the bomb-laden vehicle in the open parking lot in front of the lodging.


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