Blood groups: the percentages in Italy


The percentage of blood groups in Italy is influenced by various geographical, historical and ethnic factors. According to a recent survey, the highest percentages of blood groups in Italy are: 

  • Blood type 0: 43.7% 
  • Blood type A: 35.2% 
  • Blood group B: 13.6% 
  • Blood type AB: 7.5% 


Group 0 is the most widespread in Italy, followed by groups A and B. Blood group AB is the least common. The percentages vary slightly from region to region. For example, in the Lazio region , blood group 0 is the most common (44.7%), followed by A (33.5%), B (14.5%) and AB (7.3%). In the Valle d’Aosta region , blood group 0 is the most common (45.4%), followed by A (33.1%), B (14.4%) and AB (7.1%).

Italians also have a history of ethnic mixing with populations of different origins which has resulted in some variation in blood types. For example, a recent study found that in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region , blood type percentages are slightly different than in the rest of the country. In this region, blood group O is the most common (44.3%), followed by A (32.4%), B (14.7%) and AB (8.6%).


It is important to note that there is no blood type that is more common than another. As we have seen, the percentages vary from region to region. Furthermore, blood types can vary even within the same family, due to ethnic mixing . Therefore, it is important for people to know their blood type so that they are prepared in the event of a medical emergency.



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