bitcoin ball so close let’s see the latest hey guys ken back here with another bitcoin and cryptocurrency update in general just as a quick notice my streams are not running at the moment i’m gonna be back in play with those so i hope to see you all involved from next week i’m just taking a brief pause um because i’m in the middle of the sticks at the moment i’m taking a little break i’m in the uk with family and the signal out here the internet is absolutely atrocious you know it takes about an one hour to just load up a web page imagine me trying to keep up to date with what’s going on with these bitcoin movements and it’s like i’m telling you it’s it’s like dial-up internet it’s so frustrating so hence that’s why i’m not doing my streams right now but we will be back with those from next week so please do tune in next monday obviously on this youtube channel


now i wanted to bring you another update anyway because some key things been going on at the moment in the cryptocurrency market now you would have seen over the last couple of days so today at the time recording this is wednesday but on tuesday and monday we sort of bottomed out um on monday at the back in the last weeks or sunday and then monday we stabilized for bitcoin if you look here in the chart around is sort of just shy just underneath 42 000 um dollars you know that psychological area and we had this breakout to the upside you see breaking out of this flag structure via the daily chart right we had all this consolidation is cooling a big re-test of this area where we’d previously faltered look here when we’re in a downward trend here look breakout retest big bear action coming into play sell sell sell sell as you can see so they look like the possibility of this happening here but however we consolidate and form that flag and then broke out to the upside now this is where fundamentals and technicals just went hand in hand magnificent there just went beautifully hand in hand together and that actually came on the back of an update here now remember i said last week or i think earlier this week i lose track of days all every day to me just feels like the same man because i’m just loving life i’m just loving life it’s all morphed into one so i’ll just bring you an update now remember i said before regarding sort of russia and ukraine the tension’s there with russia set to invade um ukraine uh unfortunately man why could i just stop these wars um anyway obviously i’m not gonna get into into politics on that side of things but you know quiet shush this is happening this is happening right whether we like it or not so what had happened we saw big bitcoin was actually supported by this news that hit the uh the wires russia confirms partial withdrawal of troops from ukraine border so there was news wise it spread across all the major news russia withdrawing some


uh troops returning to to some of their military bases uh reducing the military presence so that actually helped bitcoin break out quite aggressively here um to the upside breaking out of this flag that’s why we saw that push to north and you would have seen a number of the other peers as well you know look here likes fear as well similar sort of moves there breaking out of this sort of flag structure i want to talk deeper into a theorem on a separate video because some other things to to note but right now just speaking about bitcoin but as a base case for the rest of the market right because we’re all we’re moving very similarly across the board right of all these crypto currencies so right now it uh the car that concerns calmed around russia but they have not completely removed so if you just note here right the latest rush according to the nato chief russia threat is new normal for europe okay and there’s loads of reports saying that that they’re still beefing out their presence there on ukrainian borders they’re still beefing out you know so what maybe we saw a few of them retreat but they’re still beefing out their presence there according to these newswire so bitcoin in terms of this ball run this uh whether it’s sustainable and whether we’re gonna really see those buyers come into play it hangs by the thread of any single update it’s so sensitive to this russia ukraine stuff right so i’m gonna speak about just just hold fire i’m gonna come back to bitcoin technically and the various scenarios of how we can look to trade this okay but let me just bring you some a few updates that’s going on in the industry at the moment so this is what i mean mass adoption baby i’m still going [Music] so anyway that’s that done oh i’ve got look me getting too crazy i’ve almost sort of defocused the camera so here’s a big thing part of mass adoption right red bull right big sporting platform falling one huge amount of money there red bull landing record 150 million dollar crypto currency sponsorship deal wow wow wow and this was with a singapore-based cryptocurrency platform by bit so that is massive


it really really puts cryptocurrency the the industry the sector on a huge platform and this isn’t the first obviously that we’ve seen you know we’ve seen the likes of um you know ufc with crypto sponsors we’ve seen a number of um uk soccer teams you know the biggest league in the world the premier league for uh soccer league football league as we call it in england there’s so so many um going around okay so this is big news and then another one look at this in in the latest stories this is what i said about my internet by the way uh but essentially uh the headline was uh uber boss considering uh implementing or start accepting bitcoin payments across uber services which again massive and huge you know how many users uh bitcoin has actually yeah bitcoin but uber has uh as well you know i use uber i’m sure you’ve got uber on your mobile whether it’s uber for the taxis or whether it’s uber eats man how much money they take from me lazy sometimes in terms of cooking so ubereats is quite easy keep it try and keep it healthy on there though so that’s massive and then another thing here fidelity they’re a huge investment house just to put in perspective for you quickly first fidelity massive investment management service uh in terms of assets under management 780 billion dollars so huge huge investment uh house there they enter the crypto space with europe’s cheapest bitcoin etp so they have entered the crypto space uh launch a joint cheapest uh bitcoin electric product etp in europe so that is huge by the way guys so again putting bitcoin putting cryptocurrency massively on a map this goes what i said about to the moon with all this mass adoption all this awareness what we need this is all bullish stuff man it gets me excited i was watching my video the other day when i talk about metaverse metaverse gets me so um you know fueled up like testosterone levels i don’t know why because



it excites me and i was watching back to one of my videos and my eyes were popping out my head man someone could have told me about that maybe you just appreciate the excitement and the enthusiasm there um okay so let’s just go back to bitcoin so you see the bullish news going on there right it’s things that are still going on in the industry so i’m just again refocusing bomb there we go hello see me all right so what i want to talk about technically here quickly a bitcoin remember channel breakout i don’t sound like a broken record one thing that really made me nervous or not nervous that just doubted some of this rally uh whether this was going to be sustainable was this uh evening stark you see that or shooting star formation when we get these sort of candles indicates we’re going to potentially see a reversal to the downside okay however you know this region’s holds held so far right as i said with this flag and we’ve broken out so what we want to see now is this this is a potential scenario right so we come down to here this 4250 area 42 500 this retest holds of this sort of flag and this region anyway which is decent demand and then we push to the upside and go for that big challenge of 49k remember retesting this head and shoulder structure remember left shoulder head right shoulder we need to break this to fly we must all right that’s that scenario if this hot test doesn’t hold and obviously um one of the reasons that this doesn’t hold as i say well the key reason the i’m sure the catalyst is if russia do start invading ukraine and we start seeing some fighting man is bitcoin going to get slammed and look at this as a potential bearish scenario a double top one two neckline here you can look at a double top there’s like an m structure right so we have one top then it comes down makes part of the m two top and then comes down and then what happens when we come down to that neckline here is we end up breaking through so what we could do if that doesn’t hold this retest technically and the balls don’t want to buy there then we’re going to break out and re-test and the bear’s going to take advantage and we’re going to come all the way down potentially right to at least 37k so keep an eye on this this is the scenario right now this is what’s going on this is the reality as traders okay if you are trading as i said before about hedging your portfolio


if you are trading this um just we trade what we see don’t trade what we think we trade what we see and that’s where obviously you know we took advantage if you did see this flag you’d have taken advantage of a pop to the upside again run into resistance there at those highs of sort of early in the month tonight for february understanding where to sort of take some profits and obviously now we’re having that pullback and at retest so keep an eye on that this is big and i need you to keep an eye on i’ll be your eyes and ears as well with regular updates but please keep an eye on russia and ukraine now guys as a as a reminder by the way just before we finish this video just to carry on again focus focus coin casa this is huge if you want if you are an investor and you have appetite look at investing in coincasto i don’t think any cryptocurrency exchanges offered for you to become an investor um and hold um you know you know part ownership with them so what i want you to do check out the link in the description backslash ir investor relations you can check this they’ve got an official seeders page as well you can understand a little bit about them their mission the the what they’re trying to do the change the revolution uh that they’re pushing through um understand who they are and as i say massive benefits of course because cryptocurrency exchanges benefit in bear markets and bull markets they’re always making money 365 days a year they’re profitable um and loads of value as a potential um investor nft drops exclusive nft drops merchandisers exclusive community access so on and so forth a lot please do check it out link in the description guys um in my next video i think i’m going to bring you another part another update on the metaverse side of things because there’s a lot more tokens to talk about um other than that as a reminder my streams will be resuming from next monday still be patient and please bring all of your community get involved to my streams and share that the details let’s get it



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