Birth rate: record drop in Italy


The Istat report on births in 2021 notes the drop in the birth rate. According to preliminary data, between January and September there would be about 6,000 fewer births than in the corresponding period of 2021. The average number of children per woman for all residents will increase slightly compared to 2020, up to 1.25 (1.2) . In 2008-2010 it was 1.44.


Since 2008, recalls Istat , the birth rate has decreased by 176,410 units (-30.6%). This decrease is almost entirely due to those born to both Italian parents (314,371 in 2021, 166,000 fewer than in 2008). In particular, births within marriage have decreased , 20.28, almost 20 thousand less than in 2020 and 223 thousand less than in 2008 (-8.2%) This is mainly due to the sharp decline in marriages which lasted until 2014 ( 189,765 events), compared to 246,613 in 2008 and then continue in an evolving trend. 

It should be added that in 2020 the pandemic postponed or canceled many weddings to such an extent that the number of weddings almost halved (-47.4%).

“Additional income to parents now”. This was asked by Claudio Giorlandino, president of the Prenatal Diagnosis and Maternal-Fetal Medicine Society , who drew up comparison curves and trends by studying and cross-referencing data from ISTAT and CEDAP and other official sources. In the period, a very disturbing reality is exposed ”. 


Suffice it to say that 10 years ago about 600,000 Italians were born, this year only 294,000 Italians, and forecasts for the future are frightening . According to forecasts, in 2025 there will be fewer than 250,000. But even those born of strange parents never grow up again. These low numbers of newborns are even scarier than the number of deaths. So we think that already today, in 2022, we will lose more than 500,000 compatriots a year.



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