Bird flu alert in Taiwan: 8,599 chickens culled

8,599 chickens were culled due to bird flu in Taiwan’s Pingtung city.

An Outbreak Of Bird Flu (H5N2) in a poultry farm in Yanpu town of Pingtung city, Taiwan Prompted Regional Authorities To Act.


After the avian flu epidemic, which was confirmed by local health units on Sunday, December 4, 8 thousand 599 chickens that were found to be sick were Culled. Pingtung Municipality said in a press release that abnormal chicken deaths were reported at a farm in the region on Thursday last week. Taking action after the deaths, the officials disinfected the farm and its surroundings and sent the samples they collected to the Animal Health Research Institute for testing.


Pingtung Municipality announced that northern Pingtung is a high-risk poultry breeding area and the government will closely monitor the evolution of the bird flu epidemic. Pingtung Municipality officials warned chicken farms to stop breeding old, middle-aged and young chickens together in order to stop the spread of the flu. He warned that if the chickens die abnormally or start to consume less water, report the situation to the authorities immediately.


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