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Saving energy at home is possible. Appliances weigh a lot on a family of four . How come? Because Italians often keep old products at home, while today’s appliances, therefore of a new generation, manage to save money. For example, using the ECO program , even if longer, is economical. In addition to this, here are the precautions to follow:

  • program the appliance to turn on during the hours when there is a discounted electricity tariff
  • the hairdryer accounts for 2.44% of the total expense. Choose those with faster drying
  • using the dishwasher saves up to 60% of energy and 80% of water
  • do not overload the dishwasher. It must be used at full load, but it must not be exceeded
  • eliminate the drying phase of the dishwasher by opening the door at the end of the wash
  • keep the refrigerator away from heat sources
  • limit the opening of the refrigerator
  • use the convection oven and switch off just before the end of cooking to take advantage of the residual heat
  • always clean the bottom of the oven after use
  • remove the trays that you are not using when you turn on the oven
  • always use the ECO mode for the iron
  • eliminate limescale residues on the soleplate and in the iron tank, which will increase energy consumption



  • Bills, 10 tips to save while waiting for winter (


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