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Beyond Good & Evil 2: External gaming tests will start shortly, says Tom Henderson


Ubisoft recently hinted that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is not dead and that development is actively proceeding. But not only that: it seems that external game tests will also start shortly , a sign that things are finally proceeding in the right direction.

The indiscretion comes from the journalist and well-known leaker Tom Henderson , who in the past has already correctly anticipated some info on the Ubisoft titles, in particular on Skull & Bones  which returned to show itself a few days ago with a lot of release date.

According to reports from Henderson, the tests will start right in the month of July. This therefore means that within a few weeks some builds will be sent to groups of testers outside the team, demonstrating that development is proceeding.

Henderson points out, however, that this does not give us any kind of further indication on the launch window, nor on the progress of the work. Ubisoft will unveil another Forward in September focusing on the titles in development at the company, but it is unclear if there will also be room for Beyond Good & Evil 2.


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