Bertuccia Calogero: a law sanctions her freedom


Three years after its rescue, the Calogero ape is finally free by law. Whoever kept him in prison by feeding him lasagna and Coca Cola was sentenced once and for all. He now he can live and behave following his macaque nature. 


It is the crime attributed to the man who for many years kept the barbary monkey in a villa on the slopes of Etna. The family reported the theft, then the Carabinieri Forestali of the CITES nucleus allowed him to be rescued. He has finally started a new life in the large macaque area of ​​the Semproniano Recovery Center in Tuscany. Here he can enjoy health supervision and veterinary medical monitoring with a process of introduction into a family of primates. 

Calogero can finally live his life according to the canons expected by his species with his fellows. Maybe he was caught in the wild by poachers, then brought to Europe in an organized crime business. Unfortunately, the major importers of this animal species are Italy and Spain. The number of Barbary Macaques has decreased considerably from 25,000 to 7,000. They are a species of macaques from Morocco and Algeria. There are millions of animals that are deprived of freedom and dignity every year due to the profitable illegal trafficking of wildlife. In the end, however, at least Calogero is free! 

  • Grew up on lasagna and Coca Cola, the Calogero bertuccia finally got justice (


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