Bengal and Toyger: the characteristics of the two breeds


Toyger and Bengal are two cat breeds that have more than one thing in common in their DNA. However, they have vast differences in terms of birth and method of breeding. The Bengal is a hybrid breed, a cross between a domestic cat and an Asian leopard. Then modified by other fusions of races during the last 50 years. Today the Bengal has a long, slender body and is showy with its oval eyes and particular spots. 


The Toyger is a breed with streaks similar to those of the tiger with defined patterns and a light background color with warm tones. Let’s look specifically at the differences between the Toyger and the Bengal cat. In the early generations of Toygers there is some Bengal blood, but now Toygers are just offspring of a Toyger mother and father. Crossings are no longer allowed. The common characteristics of both breeds are: medium build, medium-long muzzle, ears, even if they are smaller in the Toyger. They both have eyes of a really intense color, a lively character and agile muscles. 

Despite the genetic familiarity, the differences are many, especially at the level of breeding and birth . Even though they are two breeds born in North America, the breeding project has different goals. On the one hand there is the wild look of a leopard, on the other the precision of the brindle coat. The Bengal is characterized by its robust temperament and liveliness, while the Toyger has a docile and submissive temperament. The Toyger is recognized and bred only in America, while the Bengal is spread all over the world.

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