Belarus: regional military union will be formed with Russia

Belarusian President Lukashenko announced that they have reached an agreement with Russia on the creation of a joint regional military unit.

While the Russia-Ukraine war continues, a new statement came from the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko. Lukashenko said that he and Russian President Vladimir Putin reached an agreement on joint regional power deployment at the unofficial summit of leaders of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Stating that the formation of military units started 2 days ago within the framework of the joint regional power deployment in line with the “Union States” agreement signed between Russia and Belarus, Lukashenko said, “Due to the aggravating conditions on the Western borders of the Union States, we, as the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, agreed on a joint regional power deployment. If the level of threats reaches a high level, we will start using the forces of the union states. As I always say, the pioneer of this formation is the Belarusian Armed Forces. The preparations for this formation have been going on for 2 days,” he said.


Stating that they agreed to form a joint military unit with Russia at their meeting on security, Lukashenko said that they were accused of this by western countries even though they did not attack Ukraine. We need to determine what else needs to be done for this. Considering the rapidly changing situation, the situation around Belarus remains tense. At the same time, the West continues to spread ideas that the Belarusian army will enter the territory of Ukraine. NATO and some European countries, deceived by these fillings, have already thought of a nuclear attack against our country. considering.” used the phrases.


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