Being picky is more than just a matter of taste

Being picky is more than just a matter of taste.


A recent study has attested that obesity is on the increase and the cause is the junk food we have available. Food with too many calories and bad ingredients for health is found in supermarkets and fast food takeaways. A recent international study found that food falls into three groups. Highly palatable first foods, including meat, junk food, and desserts. Then low-calorie foods such as fruit and salad, but also oatmeal and honey. Finally, foods with an acquired taste, with a strong flavor. 


Research has examined the link of grouping foods not based on flavor, but on likeability. In addition, differences in people’s DNA were analyzed in connection with the foods they like. There are 325 different genes, mostly in the brain, that are associated with what we prefer to eat. It is certified that food preference is 50% genes and 50% personal experience . MRI brain scans were also used in the study to figure out which areas correlate with the three food groups. 

Enjoyment of highly palatable foods was associated with more brain areas involved in perceiving pleasure in food. The other two groups were associated with brain areas involved in sensory perception, identification and decision making. Health professionals and schools could use information about people’s taste and DNA to figure out who is most at risk. That is, those who need to prevent diseases due to unhealthy nutrition. The discovery could also help drug solutions aimed at changing the foods people prefer to eat.  


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