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Before The Witcher Remake, Geralt will host a battle royale

Geralt has been a guest of various video games, and before The Witcher Remake the hunter of lathes will return to the most famous battle royale.

Geralt has become one of the most recognizable characters in the world of video games, leading CD Projekt Red to start The Witcher Remake .


Also thanks to the immense popularity of the third chapter, one of the best-selling ever on Amazon , which made the franchise a pop culture product.

This has resulted in the witcher being featured in many video games over the years, with the Monster Hunter World special event being the most famous example.


And speaking of hosts, there is a battle royale that has been doing nothing but collecting video games and characters of all kinds for five years .

Yes, indeed Fortnite , which will host Geralt of Rivia before his big return of The Witcher Remake .


Epic Games has in fact started the great celebrations for the arrival of Chapter 4 , which as always brings many new features and, among these, unpublished characters and skins.


Among these there is also the most famous monster hunter in the world of video games, which will be within the contents of the new battle pass.


This is how the new Fortnite course is described :

«In the fourth chapter of Fortnite Battle Royale, venture into a new realm and ride around in new means: ride a dirt bike, roll in a snowball, throw yourself with the Shockwave hammer and jump over obstacles. Upgrade with Reality Enhancers and conquer territories for your team, placing banners to claim what is yours. And, of course, equipped with freshly forged weapons.”

Obviously there is a new map and new features of various types, such as the possibility of being able to ride a motocross bike during the shootings.


Also, on next-gen platforms Fortnite is now definitely using Unreal Engine 5.1 , to give us a taste of what Geralt will actually look like in The Witcher Remake .

A project whose release is not yet very clear , even if CD Projekt Red has attempted to clarify the timeline of future products.

Meanwhile The Witcher 3 is preparing to return with a cleaned up and corrected version, even more on PC apparently.


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