Bear: The dog that swam the Hudson River

Bear: The dog that swam the Hudson River.


Ellen Wolpin recently bought a Bear for her son who suffers from a developmental disorder. This is a cross between Leonberger and Bernese mountain dog, is about six months old, and was bred outside New York. The assistance dog just needs to acclimate to a big city. He’s scared and his owners never take his leash off him when they go out.  


When they went to buy him a new collar, Bear managed to take it off and started running, they were exactly in the Big Apple. Someone tried to catch him again, but the frightened dog ran even faster. After 2 km he dived into the Hudson and  swam across it , since then he has never been found, not even the police have been able to track him down.

Ellen was desperate, so much so that at one point, having no results, she thought of bringing another dog to her son, passing him off as Bear. After a few days, however, the woman received a call from Edgewater, a town in New Jersey. Bear was found under a bridge and immediately rescued by firefighters. Thanks to the microchip , the police traced back to the owners, then Bear was visited by a vet. The animal has yet to recover from the shock, but is fine. Ellen and her son are happy, they will buy Bear a brand new collar so as not to risk losing it again.


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