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Bayonetta 3, update 1.2.0 available: all the details of the update

Bayonetta 3, update 1.2.0 available: all the details of the update.


Bayonetta 3 is updated with the arrival of the substantial patch 1.2.0 which corrects numerous bugs and problems to improve the gaming experience, as well as introduces a whole series of changes concerning the combat system. Among the innovations introduced by this latest update, the reduction of the difficulty level proposed by many of the levels of  Niflheim undoubtedly stands out. The changes apply to every mode from Casual to Expert and include time limit extensions and an increase in the number of lives available to players.


Also, with regards to combat, the time window of the parry has been changed, which now follows much more precisely. Similarly, additional animation has been added to the Witch Time effect, making it easier to execute and more effective. Finally,  “Simoon”, “Tartarus” weapons and Viola’s charged attacks can now continue to hold a charge, even when dodged or blocked and when equipping the “Infernal Communicator” and “Pulley’s Butterfly” accessories to summon Devils and Butterflies , it is now possible to cancel the summon movement by dodging or blocking.

If you want to know more, you can find the complete notes at this address.

Announced in 2017,  Bayonetta 3 sees the Witch of Umbra join forces with some old acquaintances, as well as the mysterious Viola and many other Bayonettas, to prevent the homunculus from sowing death and destruction. The game has achieved enormous success with critics and audiences, so much so that it is even considered one of the best chapters of the saga.


Bayonetta 3 is now available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.


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