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Bayonetta 3: announced the special edition “Mimesis of the Trinity”


Via Twitter, Nintendo has unveiled the collector’s edition of Bayonetta 3, called ” Mimesis of the Trinity “, which will arrive at the launch of the game scheduled for next 28 October. This stunning special edition will include, in addition to the game, a full-bodied 200-page artbook with sketches and images of the highly anticipated new title in the Platinum Games action series along with three covers , one red, one purple and one blue, for the game case.

Announced in 2017, Bayonetta 3 showed up today with a spectacular new trailer that accompanied the announcement of the release date. The third installment of Bayonetta, will see the Witch of Umbra join forces with some old and new acquaintances to prevent the homunculus, biological weapons created by man, from sowing death and destruction.

Players will be able to take advantage of new fighting techniques to take down enemies and take control of Viola , a witch apprentice who will face the homunculus with a sword, along with Cheshire, her cat demon.


Details on the price and the date of the opening of the pre-orders for this collector’s edition of Bayonetta 3 will be revealed in the future by Nintendo.


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