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Batman: Michael Keaton’s Dark Knight Hot Toys with Batmobile

Batman: Michael Keaton’s Dark Knight Hot Toys with Batmobile.


In view of the release of The Flash, Hot Toys has seen fit to re-propose a new version of Michael Keaton‘s Batman seen in Tim Burton’s films, accompanied by the Batmobile of the two feature films. The figure is offered on a 1/6 scale and is available for pre-order on Sideshow.

Here are the pictures.

















The Hot Toys will cost $345, while the Batmobile will be priced at $715. The figure features movable eyes, eight interchangeable hands, three visors, the Batarang, and even a diorama base inspired by the film’s final scene.

Michael Keaton is expected for The Flash, a film to be released in June in which he will return to take on the role of Batman. Paul Machliss, editor of The Flash, has ensured that the film will be worth the expectations, also because innovative technologies have been used.


It will be exciting – he declared – Warner Bros. has entrusted us with making the best film possible. We used brand new technologies, putting multiple versions of the same actor on screen. The technique is different from that of the motion controls of Last Night in Soho. The technology used for The Flash is fantastic, and we’ve been very thorough in using it. We will be the first to exploit certain types of products, which is why we are taking so long to finish. But the wait will be rewarded, because something fantastic is coming out.


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