Bacteria: discovered the mechanism that resists antibiotics


Bacteria: discovered the mechanism that resists antibiotics.

Italian researchers have discovered a known mechanism that bacteria use to resist antibioticsThe mechanism by which bacteria absorb nutrients from humans while eliminating antibiotic therapy. This discovery was made thanks to the examination of group A streptococcus, a fatal bacterium often found on the skin and in the throat of humans. 

By looking at an antibiotic commonly prescribed to treat group A strep skin infections, we found a resistance mechanism in which, for the first time ever, bacteria demonstrated the ability to take up folate directly from their human host when prevented from producing their own. This makes the antibiotic ineffective and the infection would likely get worse when the patient is expected to get better. This new form of resistance is undetectable under conditions typically used in pathology laboratories, making it very difficult for physicians to prescribe antibiotics that effectively treat infection, potentially leading to very poor results and even premature death.

Dr. Timothy Barnett

This antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a riskier pandemic than Covid-19. More than ten million deaths per year are expected by 2050. New antibiotic resistance mechanisms need to be found which will, in turn, help identify new antibiotics by monitoring AMR.

  • Researchers discover never-before-seen mechanism bacteria use to resist antibiotic treatment (


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