Award to Dgpays from America

Dgpays was awarded the “Best Emerging Global Fintech Company” by New World Report, America’s leading business news platform. The success of the company in the international arena was reinforced with this award.

Dgpays was deemed worthy of the grand prize in the fintech industry by New World Report, America’s leading business news platform. Dgpays was selected as the “Best Emerging Global Fintech Company” at the ‘North American Business Awards’ organized by the platform. Dgpays won the award in collaboration with the American technology company ZMBIZI. 


American business news platform New World Report rewards businesses and individuals who produce innovative products and services for their customers in North America with the “North America Business Awards – North America Business Awards” organized since 2017. Experienced academics with international experience lead the jury, which consists of independent members and determines the winners from many different sectors. 

ZMBIZI cooperation wins an award

As part of the collaboration with the US technology company ZMBIZI, the award-winning work for Dgpays, Dgpays’ innovative card acceptance solution DgPOS (SoftPOS application) will be able to be used as a standalone POS application on ZMBIZI smartphones in the USA and Canada without requiring any separate equipment. Thanks to DgPOS, which allows any device with Android operating system and NFC Contactless transaction capability to be used as a POS device, thousands of micro-business owners who cannot buy a POS device will be able to easily perform their transactions on their phones. DgPOS can be used anywhere in the world thanks to its compatibility with international payment systems.

“As a fintech originating in Turkey, we will have a say in the world arena”



Making an evaluation about the award, Hasan Kaya, General Manager of Dgpays, said, “We are very happy to have received such a great award from among dozens of candidates from an important platform in the United States and reaching a wide audience in the business world. Our DgPOS product will be used by the technology company ZMBIZI in America by going beyond the borders of our country. This cooperation, which we attach great importance to, also helped us win a big award in America. This proud achievement is an incentive for our efforts to have a voice in the field of financial technology in the world arena as a fintech company originating from Turkey. Our goal is to have important collaborations both in our country and abroad. This award will allow our brand and our work to reach a wider audience in America, and will accelerate the cooperation and projects we aim here.” 

The digital newsletter of New World Report, which provides business advice to its readers, shares inspiring success stories, and offers trends and innovations to help businesses grow and sustain their businesses, reaches more than 75,000 organizations and business professionals in the United States every day. Dgpays’ award news will also reach many people and institutions through the platform, increasing the brand’s awareness in America.


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