Aula Natura: the first born in Umbria


The Nature Classroom of the WWF is the first born in Gubbio, in Umbria, at the Carbonesca primary school. Its intent is to promote and enhance green spaces in schools aiming at the education of the new generations for respect for the environment . The project is supported by Procter & Gamble as part of the “P&G for Italy” corporate citizenship programme. The classroom has been placed in the municipal gardens in front of the school. The classroom is made of hedges, flower borders, vegetable boxes, insect cages and a pond. The green area is 80 square meters with various mini-habitats in which to observe different living beings and the relationship we have with them.

In order to choose the classroom, the WWF followed criteria aimed at the recovery of outdoor green areas that were degraded and isolated. To date, 22 Natura Classrooms have been created in Italy, in relation to 4,500 m2 of redeveloped school gardens. There are 11,000 children who can use them.


We are thrilled to give the students of the Carbonesca Primary School a Nature Room, a precious green space that involves the new generations on a fundamental theme such as environmental education and the protection of biodiversity, which we believe is crucial for real sustainable development.

Riccardo Calvi, Communication Director of P&G Italia


Having adopted lessons in open spaces allows you to improve the quality of learning by overcoming the so-called deficit of nature which involves inattention, listlessness, boredom and sedentary lifestyle.

  • The first ‘Aula Natura’ in Umbria inaugurated in Gubbio (


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