Attacks from Russia and Ukraine

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that they carried out attacks with a long-range high-precision weapon against elements of Ukraine’s military management, communication and energy systems. Ukraine, on the other hand, announced that Russia used 84 cruise missiles and 24 unmanned aerial vehicles in the attacks.

Spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Defense Igor Konashenkov made a statement on the actions of the Russian army in the Russia-Ukraine War.


Concerning Russia’s missile attacks on some cities in Ukraine, Konashenkov said, “The Russian Armed Forces today carried out a large-scale attack on elements of Ukraine’s military management, communication and energy systems with a long-range high-precision weapon. The target of the attack was achieved. All determined elements were hit. ” used the phrase.

Noting that the attacks of the Ukrainian army in the Kupyansk direction were repelled, Konashenkov announced that more than 40 Ukrainian soldiers were neutralized in the clashes here, and 5 tanks, 4 armored vehicles and 15 cars were destroyed.

Saying that more than 60 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the directions of Mykolaiv and Kriviy Rig, 9 tanks, 16 armored vehicles and 17 cars were destroyed, Konashenkov stated that 6 headquarters of the Ukrainian army, 5 ammunition tanks and 2 fuel tanks were destroyed.

Konashenkov said that “Mig-29” type aircraft and 6 unmanned aerial vehicles were shot down in various regions in the Kherson region, “So far, 318 aircraft, 159 helicopters, 2 thousand 188 unmanned aerial vehicles, 379 air defense missile systems, 5 thousand 604 belonging to Ukraine. tanks and armored vehicles, 866 multi-barreled rocket launchers, 3,462 howitzers and mortars, 6,463 special military vehicles were destroyed. used the phrase.



Ukraine: Russia used 84 cruise missiles and 24 UAVs

The Ukrainian General Staff announced that Russia used 84 cruise missiles and 24 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in attacks against various regions of Ukraine this morning.

In a written statement made by the General Staff, detailed information was shared about the attacks that Russia targeted many regions and cities in Ukraine this morning.

In the statement, which stated that the Russian forces used cruise missiles and UAVs against Ukraine, the following statements were used:

“The Russian Federation used 24 UAVs and 84 cruise missiles, 13 of which were Iranian-made Shahid-136. 56 targets (missiles and UAVs) were destroyed. These include 43 cruise missiles and 13 UAVs (10 of which are of the “kamikaze” type). “


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