Astronomy Championships: boom of participants in the South


Registration for the XXI edition of the Astronomy Championships has closed . Calabria is once again leading the national ranking with 3582 students out of 9322 participants nationwide. They were once the Astronomy Olympiad, now referred to as the Championships. Lazio follows in the standings, with 932 students, Sicily with 629, Campania with 614. Trentino Alto Adige closes the ranking, with 16 students.


In Calabria, secondary schools have exceeded 100 students enrolled. A significant fact that exceeds Sicily and Campania. Results of great importance for the territory of the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria which has always invested in the sector of scientific culture 


The activities are varied and are aimed at training and scientific dissemination in favor of students and at the orientation of young people particularly interested in astronomy. Refresher and advanced training courses are added, also of a residential nature, for teachers and young scholars. The national residential school for teacher training has been held in Stilo and Riace for 27 years. An enormous job, with truly important results, despite the fact that educational projects related to astronomy are by no means easy to implement for various reasons. Our Metropolitan City, thanks to the address given by the mayor Falcomatà at the time and confirmed by the acting Versace, has attempted to obviate these difficulties, certainly in a significant way, through the activities implemented by the Planetarium which every year forges the brilliant minds of our kids, introducing them to the amazing world of Astronomy. Never as in this historical moment does our territory need citizens in whom an emotional bond with culture and science is developed. From this point of view, astronomy can be the ideal emotional vehicle for achieving this goal.

Filippo Quartuccio, cultural delegate of the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria


The results obtained are due to the work of the teachers who have shown great attention to their pupils by grasping the educational value of these initiatives. 

  • Astronomy Championships: the southern region is the first in Italy by number of participants (


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