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Artificial intelligence tool that redesigns users’ rooms: Interior AI

Interior AI redesigns the interior architecture of users’ homes. 

We have conveyed to you that levelsio , which has implemented products such as RemoteOK and Nomadlist,  has announced its product “This House Does Not Exist” , which produces artificial intelligence-supported 3D house models . Levelsio is now redesigning the interior architecture of users’ homes with  its Interior AI product.

You can review design proposals by uploading a photo of any of the rooms in your home to Interior AI running on the browser. Let’s just say that you need to take the photo at a 90-degree angle to achieve the best result. It is worth adding that the artificial intelligence has not yet been trained for photos taken from a certain angle. 


Although the downloads and rendered results are shown on the site; It is deleted in 15 minutes. If you want to protect your privacy, you have to use the Pro version of Interior AI. Thus, you have your own private workspace. 

The platform includes templates that support different architectural designs, from Baroque to art nouveau and even Cyberpunk. It is possible to upload more than one photo to the platform, but you have 5 free rendering rights. 

In Virtual Staging mode, the main details of the construction such as walls and ceilings are automatically detected and the tool avoids changing these areas. Interior Design mode, on the other hand, does not have this detection capability. On the other hand, it can offer you more creative ideas. 

While trying the product, I used 2 different photos from the office. In the first image, I wanted it to give the kitchen image a vintage look. The change in bar stools and chandeliers is striking. However, it is possible to say that there are some deficiencies in the kitchen as well. 

In addition, if you want to transform your home’s open kitchen into a Cyberpunk style living room, you can benefit from the recommendations of Interior AI. 


Although it has been noted that it doesn’t work well in angled photos, Interior AI had no trouble transforming the boardroom into a Vintage room.  

In order to download the images, you need to have one of the Pro and Pro Team packages, the prices of which are determined as $ 29 per month and $ 299 per month, respectively. Both packages offer unlimited rendering possibilities. While a commercial use license is defined for 1 person in the Pro package, this license can be increased up to 10 people in the Pro Team package. 


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