Artificial food: the plan to oppose and promote made in Italy

Artificial food: the plan to oppose and promote made in Italy.


Giorgia Meloni, the new Prime Minister, is against artificial food, being in favor of made-in Italy. A video message from her to the Confagricoltura assembly explains what the Italian government’s strategy is in Europe on food and agricultural issues. According to Meloni, artificial food:


It risks breaking the age-old bond that exists between the agri-food chain and products intended for consumption. The government will continue to be vigilant to avoid surprises and to oppose any attempt at food homologation, ie the odious imitation of our products of excellence.

Meloni claims to have had positive results, eliminating wine and meat from the list of foods harmful to health. In addition, there is Nutriscore, a food labeling system to combat obesity and cardiovascular disease. There are various proposals to apply it at European level in all member countries. However, it seems that this method would not be in line with the Mediterranean diet. The latter is difficult to define and for Coldiretti it would damage 85% of Made in Italy. The Nutriscore is therefore postponed to 2024.


It is therefore necessary to invest with the support of national and European funds . The approval of the new common agricultural policy of the EU was therefore positive . It will bring 35 billion to agriculture and 1.5 billion to fruit and vegetables . New tools and inputs must be put in place for the agri-food system, through the recovery of abandoned spaces and the drive towards innovation.


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