Art gardener: new project in Emilia-Romagna


The contribution of the Emilia Romagna Region makes the “art gardener” project possible, conceived in the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. The intention is to encourage the planning of this kind of training course.

This a unique opportunity to create new professionals capable of intervening in historic public and private gardens and parks and of taking care of their planned maintenance and conservation, respecting their original forms and enhancing their historical, architectural, environmental, and landscape peculiarities.

regional councilor for culture and landscape, Mauro Felicori

The training will be held in the Villa Meli Lupi and in the Villa Soragna park, respectively in the province and in the municipality of Parma. The park becomes an open-air classroom where to carry out laboratory practices , while some buildings will be the training place for the operators. The course is 600 hours, 40% will be dedicated to the internship to be carried out in the partner companies of the project. The agreement was also signed by the Castle of Montechiarugolo. In collaboration with the Western Emilia Parks Authority – Casino Dei Boschi Di Carrega, by Palazzo Marchi and the Municipality of Parma – Parco Ducale. The University of Parma – Botanical Garden also participated.

Becoming an “art gardener” means protecting historic parks and gardens thanks to Pnrr investments . It is a sector that has a shortage of specialized personnel. Once trained, the expert will be able to intervene in the process of conservation, maintenance, renewal and restoration of historic gardens and parks. A way to respect the historical, architectural, environmental and landscape characteristics with the use of suitable techniques according to the intervention to be implemented. The principles are protection and enhancementof greenery to give life to a category of highly specialized workers who will become protagonists of an eco-sustainable project. Parks are small ecosystems, but also cultural assets essential for history and culture.

  • Formation and landscape. Art and nature, the “art gardener” project kicks off in Emilia-Romagna (


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