Around: first campaign against disposable packaging


Just know that a disposable container that is used for 60 minutes has a disposal time of 100 years. This type of rejection is now a growing problem all over the world. In Europe it constitutes 36% of the waste produced. Thus was born Around , the first sustainable service of reusable packaging in Italy, digital and without deposit. An effective way to reduce single – use packaging waste 


Around is a technology platform with high-quality reusable containers at a per-use price lower than disposables. Consumers borrow the containers for free and return them to one of the network’s establishments. A benefit for the environment, cities and citizens. A service made for restaurateurs who want to subscribe to a subscription with advantages and options according to personal needs, always with an environmental footprint . A service also suitable for customers who can see from the specific Around app which restaurants have joined the project. They will rent the packaging for free and return it within seven days. The washing up is done by the restaurant itself. Thanks to its 200 reuses, a single Around container is able to save 25 kg ofCO2 .

The containers are dishwasher safe, used in the microwave and in the freezer to preserve food, also suitable for maintaining heat and managing liquid foods. Giulia Zanatta, co-founder and administrator of Around says that the platform was born with the goal of capturing and maintaining the long-term value of resources . Cities and communities build economies that lower costs, increase efficiency and protect the environment. 

Today Around is already present in Rome, Turin, Florence and Milan. It recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to expand the premises that have Around reusable containers available. 15,000 euros will have to be raised to make the service available free of charge for 100 venues throughout Italy. A reduction of 1 ton of CO2 emissions by decreasing the environmental impact.

  • The first crowdfunding campaign against disposable packaging (


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