Archer Midnight: Electric Air Taxi in New York


Confirmed as the first take-off and landing site in Archer’s plan is the Downtown Manhattan Heliport, located just above Battery Park at Pier 6. The idea is to launch an urban air mobility network in the New York metropolitan area. The purpose of the Archer Midnight electric air taxis is to give passengers safe, fast and silent, but also economical transport.

The first route announced in the eVTOL industry by Archer is Manhattan to EWR. According to Archer, the trip from the Downtown Manhattan Heliport to EWR will take less than 10 minutes in his all-electric Midnight aircraft. A solution with low acoustic impact , sustainable and in complete safety. By car it can take an hour or more during rush hour. Electric air taxis radically change the experience of comfort, convenience and efficiency in their journeys to the airport.

Another major milestone is the opening of Archer’s New York-Newark route . Offering safe, zero-carbon travel that decreases travel time by producing a fraction of the sound emitted by helicopters. Archer will launch the first routes that will provide transportation service from the airport to the city centre. These will be the primary routes, but secondary routes are anticipated to connect the communities. The first phase of the UAM network is expected to be launched by 2025.

  • Archer Midnight is the electric air taxi used by United in New York (


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