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Apple’s Self Service Repair also arrives in Italy: here’s what you need to know and how it works


Finally, even Italian customers will be able to independently repair their official Apple products without losing the right to the guarantee. After its debut in the United States, Apple’s Self Service Repair program also arrives in Italy.


An online store, with all the resources for DIY repairs of a large number of products, including iPhone 12, 13 and Mac with Apple Silicon processor. There are the components and accessories to allow over 200 different types of repair operations, starting from the most common: that is, the replacement of screens and batteries.

In any case, as the American site The Verge had verified, it is not exactly a ‘user friendly’ service and is therefore strictly reserved for more geek users. Moreover, the accessories for the repair – and in particular for disassembling the telephone – are by no means compact and are shipped in some rather heavy voluminous trunks ( the whole weighs 36kg ). It follows that for the vast majority of people it will continue to be more convenient to contact Apple’s official service centers.

The program gives users familiar with the intricacies of repairing electronic devices the opportunity to perform their repairs using the same manuals, parts and tools available at Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers reads the company’s official website.

The complete repair kit can be purchased or rented for up to one week. If you choose to rent, the cost is €59.95, shipping costs included.



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