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Apple’s mixed reality glasses will transition between VR and the real world with a physical dial

Users will be able to switch from the virtual reality environment to the real world using a physical dial.

We have already told you that Apple CEO Tim Cook has made statements about  Apple’s  augmented and mixed reality studies. New details about the mixed reality glasses, which are expected to be introduced in January 2023, came to the agenda. 


According to The Information, Apple’s mixed reality glasses will allow users to switch from the virtual reality environment to the real world using a physical dial . In addition, while placing the device on your head, it is expected to offer a colored passthrough feature so that you can see your surroundings better.

The physical dial in question may have a Digital Crown -like structure that functions as the Home button we saw on the Apple Watch. In the same way, it should be noted that the Digital Crown mechanism is also included in the AirPods Max .

Speaking of AirPods, it’s worth adding that Apple’s mixed reality glasses will be compatible with AirPods . The mixed reality glasses use the H2 chip , which is also found in the second generation AirPods Pro . When the two devices are connected, the chip will activate the “ultra-low latency mode”. By the way, the headset does not have a wired headphone jack. If you want to use other models of bluetooth headphones while using the headset, you may encounter a delay. For this reason, it is also said that Apple is working on a headphone band with built- in speakers. 

According to the information transferred, Apple’s mixed reality glasses also have an external battery pack in the form of a belt . In this way, mixed reality glasses are made lighter. The power cable , on the other hand, is magnetically attached to the head, just like in MagSafe technology . In addition, Apple continues to test the batteries integrated into the head. 

Apple, which does not currently plan to produce game controllers with mixed reality glasses, can still encourage developers to produce VR applications. The mixed reality glasses, which have come to the fore with the features of paying with your eyes in the past months , are expected to have a price tag of 3 thousand dollars. 


Meanwhile, Apple continues to grow its teams working on virtual and augmented reality technologies with its recruitments. Finally, it was stated that the name of Apple’s mixed reality operating system could be “xrOS” . 


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